I have a lot of fucking thinking to do.
Well I’ve learned my fucking lesson.
I hate getting so stressed out about things that it makes me physically sick.

This fucking sucks. I just wanna cry and scream

Came home from class today and the hill behind my apartment was on fire..

We evacuated my parents house but holy shit this is scary. The possibility of losing everything and my apartment is so scary.
The fire already burned down the mill, a high school and an elementary school.
I’m thankful to have gotten my kitties out in time but I can’t help but worry about everything else :/

I want a tumblr best friend 😭

Someone I can talk to all the time and stalk their blog and have Skype smoke sessions with (or an actual smoke sesh if they’re close enough)

Someone be my tumblr best friend 😭😭😭

"Sometimes I squeeze so hard I think I’m gonna rip your boob off"

Hahaha my boyfriend is hilarious lol

Today was such a productive day!

I turned in my first psych essay of the semester, took my first exam, went to work, finished all my math that’s due tomorrow, studied psychology for a few hours and completed my first English essay :)

Not too shabby!

i hate being stressed out

it causes me to overthink everything. i just wanna curl up in a ball and sleep for 245345345 years. 

I’m so fucking lonely tonight.
I can like feel myself slipping into this dark hole of depression

And I fucking hate it. I overthink everything about myself and start feeling inadequate and like I’ll never be good enough for anyone or anything.

Ughhhhh this needs to stop.

made an appointment to meet with a counselor at the college about starting classes again..

maybe going back to school will make me feel less useless and help get me on the right track. i need to clear my head and focus on me and my future. 

I just wanna be happy..

but lately it seems like everytime I’m finally happy, something always has to happen to diminish my happiness.