Someone come cuddle & take bong rips with me before I go to work

Please? :)

I felt cute yesterday :)

Haven’t even been awake for 15 minutes and I already want to punch someone in the face.

I can already tell that today is gonna fuckin suck

Loving this 3 Kings 😍😙💨💨

(top right is without flash, bottom is with flash)

holy shit, i’m horny as fuck tonight. 

YES by all means, get drunk and act like a douche by throwing paintballs at the walls in the living room and getting it ALL OVER MY FUCKING CLOTHES & PHONE.

And on top of that someone drank 3/4 of MY fucking bottle.

Fuck you guys. Last time I bring booze and smoke you all out.

  • Me: *preparing dab* Fuck I'm gonna be so baked at work today..
  • Mom: GOOD! Nothing wrong with that!
  • Hahahaha My mom is awesome.

Milky bong rips while watching Psycho before bed :)

This guy just came into my work reeking like day old beer.
I can smell it from like 3 feet away.