i hate being stressed out

it causes me to overthink everything. i just wanna curl up in a ball and sleep for 245345345 years. 

I’m so fucking lonely tonight.
I can like feel myself slipping into this dark hole of depression

And I fucking hate it. I overthink everything about myself and start feeling inadequate and like I’ll never be good enough for anyone or anything.

Ughhhhh this needs to stop.

made an appointment to meet with a counselor at the college about starting classes again..

maybe going back to school will make me feel less useless and help get me on the right track. i need to clear my head and focus on me and my future. 

I just wanna be happy..

but lately it seems like everytime I’m finally happy, something always has to happen to diminish my happiness. 

It’s not even 10 am and I’m already done with today.
I can’t believe tomorrow is my birthday.

This year has gone by so damn fast.

I seriously overthink everything
7.5 hours down, 2 to go.

Today needs to be over.

So not looking forward to working 9:30 - 7 today.


The boyfriend got a new kitten and she is freaking adorable.

81 degrees and hailing like a motherfucker.

Wtf kinda weather is this?!